The only restaurant serving exotic Bhutanese & Nepalese cuisines in central PA 

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           About Bhutan & Nepal

Bhutan is a tiny Himalayan Kingdom in South East Asia. It's located at the center of China in the North and India in the South. It's to the eastern side of Nepal that is home to the Mt. Everest-the highehest mountain in the world.  Bhutan is known today for its unique development philosophy -Gross National Happiness (GNH), an alternative development paradigm that gives more importance to the happiness, prosperity and well-being of the people rather than Gross National Product. Recently it was also rated as one of the world’s happiest nation in Asia and the only nation in the world to be carbon negative.

It’s a beautiful landlocked country with pristine and protected environment, well-preserved culture and tradition and has a unique development philosophy called Gross National Happiness. It is also one of the world’s youngest democratic nation.

About Us

Yak N Yeti is a family owned restaurant established because we have great love and passion for food. We are the ONLY restaurant in central PA serving exotic Bhutanese and Nepalese cuisines from the Himalayas. The Himalayan cuisines that we serve range from non-spicy, mildly spicy and the super spicy. Please let us know your preferences and we will cater according to your choice and taste. Everything we serve is fresh, authentic and flavorful.  We are also a BYOB restaurant

Just to introduce about the Bhutanese cuisine, the main staple diet of Bhutan is rice and meat or vegetables. The popular meats that makes the Bhutanese dish are pork and beef. Common vegetables are potatoes, chillies, onions, radish, spinach, and cabbages.

Bhutanese dishes are usually spicy (because of chillies). Ema Dashi (chilli and cheese) is the national dish.

Thali/Plates are the most popular Nepalese cuisine that is mildly spicy. It's like a sampler and the Lamb Thali is the most popular followed by the Chicken Thali  and Veggie Thali.