The only restaurant serving exotic Bhutanese & Nepalese cuisines in central PA 

Menu Specials

You have a variety of choices to select from. We serve non-vegetarian, vegetarian, glutten free, and vegan cuisines and we do not use any peanut oils in our cooking. We do take-outs as well.

Our menu is categorized into Small Plates/Appetizers/Starters and the Main Course/Entrees. The following are the Small Plates/Appetizers/Starters with its description. 

*** Kindly note that our price might change anytime without prior notice according to the market price.
  1. Nepali Fries $5.99
    Nepali Fries is our local version of french fries sauteed in home-made sauce
    Nepali Fries $5.99
  2. Hoagie $5.50
    Hoagi/Cucumber Salad is a Bhutanese cuisine and is an appetizer/small plate/starter.
    Hoagie $5.50
  3. Veg Momo $6.99
    Momo/Steamed dumplings are the most popular starter. This one in green is a Veg Momo. It comes with a mildly spicy sauce at the side.
    Veg Momo $6.99
  4. Shamday $5.50
    Shamday is traditional Bhutanese cuisine. It's made of rice, butter, cilantro, and onion. Shamday in Bhutan is served with Butter tea to celebrate special occasions.
    Shamday $5.50
  5. Momo(Chicken or Beef) $6.99
    Momo is steamed dumpling. The ones in white will be either Chicken Momo or Beef Momo . It comes with a mildly spicy sauce at the side.
    Momo(Chicken or Beef) $6.99
  6. Desi $5.99
    Desi is also a Bhutanese traditional cuisine that is served to celebrate any important or auspicious occasions. It's saffron rice with butter. Because of its sweetness, one can enjoy it as a dessert.
    Desi $5.99
  7. Himalayan Onion Rings $6.99
    Himalayan Onion Rings is fried home made bread with onions.
    Himalayan Onion Rings $6.99
  8. Vegetable Singara $5.95
    Thin pastry filled with vegetables and deep fried
    Vegetable Singara $5.95
  9. Shabaley $5.95
    House made bread stuffed with beef and deep fried
    Shabaley $5.95
  10. Sag Pakora  $7.50
    Greens smothered in chick pea batter and deep fried
    Sag Pakora $7.50
  11. Wai Wai $5.00
    crunchy noodles w/ onions, tomatoes, cilantro and house seasoning
    Wai Wai $5.00
Main Course/Entrees
The Main course entrees comprises of Thali which is the most popular Nepalese entrees we serve. Noo Sha Paa (beef cooked with potatoes and chilli peppers) is the most popular traditional Bhutanese cuisine. Ema Datsi (chilli peppers and cheese-bhutanese national dish) is the super spicy dish that you will enjoy if you are someone who loves very spicy cuisines.
  1. Chicken Thali $12.99
    Thali is the most popular main course/entree that we serve. Thali literally translates to plate and is like a sampler.
    Chicken Thali $12.99
  2. Noo Sha Paa $10.99
    Noo Sha Paa is the most popular traditional Bhutanese main course. It's beef cooked with potatoes and chilli peppers.
    Noo Sha Paa $10.99
  3. Shamu Datsi $11.99
    Shamu Datsi is mushroom cooked with chilli and cheese. It's a Bhutanese vegetarian cuisine.
    Shamu Datsi $11.99
  4. Pork Chilli $10.99
    Pork Chilli is deep fried pork with chilli peppers, tomatoes and onions. It is a cuisine that is mildly spicy.
    Pork Chilli $10.99
  5. Aloo Sag $8.99
    Aloo Sag is a Nepalese cuisine. It's potatoes cooked with spinach and is mildly spicy.
    Aloo Sag $8.99
  6. Ema Datsi $9.99
    Ema Datsi is a Bhutanese cuisine and literally translates to chilli and cheese. This cuisine is super spicy and considered as the national dish of Bhutan.
    Ema Datsi $9.99
  7. Beef Kakuru $10.99
    Kakuru with beef is a Bhutanese cuisine. It is pumpkin cooked with beef.
    Beef Kakuru $10.99
  8. Pharshi
    Diced Pumpkin simmered with himalayan spices
    Pharshi $10.99
  9. Phuta Noodles  $8.99
    Buckwheat noodles sautéed with scallions, garlic and hint of spices
    Phuta Noodles $8.99
  10. Chili Chicken  $10.99
    Fried chicken breast sautéed with green peppers, onions and tomatoes
    Chili Chicken $10.99
  11. Chili Tofu  $9.99
    Fried Tofu sautéed with green peppers, onions and tomatoes
    Chili Tofu $9.99
  12. Shakam Datsi $11.99
    Dried beef with vegetable and smoked cheese
    Shakam Datsi $11.99
  13. Momo Sizzler $11.99
    your choice of momo- steamed or fried w/ sweet n tangy sauce, bell peppers & onions
    Momo Sizzler $11.99
  14. Sikam Ema Datsi $12.99
    spicy chili peppers with dried pork belly and smoked cheese
    Sikam Ema Datsi $12.99
  15. Sizzlers   $12.99
    your choice of Chicken, Pork, or Tofu(shrimp add $1) sweet n tangy sauce, bell peppers, onions & tomatoes
    Sizzlers $12.99
  16. Spicy noodle w/ cheese $9.99
    Noodles with Spicy Sauce, Onions, bell peppers & Cheese
    Spicy noodle w/ cheese $9.99
  17. Sikam Paa
    Dried Pork Belly with chili pepper and vegetables $10.99
    Sikam Paa
We are a Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) and would encourage you to bring your own beer or wine. Some of our soft drinks that we serve are home made Himalayan Iced tea (unsweetened), Hot Himalayan Tea, and Lassi. Lassi are like smoothies made of yoghurt. The other soft drinks we serve are canned sodas-coke, diet coke, gingerale, 
  1. Lassi $4.50
    Lassi is homemade smoothie made of yoghurt. We serve mango, strawberry, plain and peach flavors.
    Lassi $4.50
  2. Himalayan Iced Tea $2.50
    Himalayan Iced Tea is a home made unsweetened black tea with some spices and herbs.
    Himalayan Iced Tea $2.50
  3. Himalayan Hot Tea $2.50
    Himalayan Hot Tea is served hot and has milk and is sweetened.
    Himalayan Hot Tea $2.50
  4. Coca Cola $1.5
    Canned Coca Cola
    Coca Cola $1.5
  5. Himalayan Hot Chocolate $3.5
    Himalayan Hot Chocolate is hot chocolate served with some spices and herb.
    Himalayan Hot Chocolate $3.5
  6. Ginger Ale $1.5
    Ginger Ale
    Ginger Ale $1.5